Is Salli the right chair for me?

Sitting on the right chair is crucial in having good posture and improving your working day. Salli Saddle chairs have a two-part divided seat which you can simply adjust the height of with the gas cylinder.  There are three different sized gas cylinders available to easily adjust the height of the chair. The short cylinder is recommended for people shorter than 160cm, the medium one for people between 160-180cm and the large one for people over 180cm.

How should I sit on a Salli chair?

When you first get a Salli Chair it is important to ease yourself into it. Your body has been use to sitting incorrectly for years so it will not be use to the correct position Salli forces you into. It is suggested that for the first day you spend just 1 hour on the chair, increase the time by 30 minutes each day after that. After 7 days your body would have adjusted itself to cater to the correct posture and you can now sit on the Salli chair for long periods of time without aches and pains.

How long is it safe to sit on a saddle chair?

There is a misconception that you shouldn’t sit on a saddle chair for more than two hours a day. This however is false for the two-part seat Salli saddle chairs. This saddle chair is designed with a seat providing benefits to the health of your body and creates pressureless sitting. This means you can sit on the saddle chair for the whole working day safely and enjoy the benefits the chair provides.

Why should I sit on a Salli chair and not an office chair?

When sitting on a saddle chair the spine is almost in the same position as when standing: there is a small curve in the lower back and the vertebrae is not pressing the discs. This position is natural and therefore easy to maintain. Sitting on a saddle chair reduces tensions in the back and sciatic-type pains, enhances circulation, makes breathing deeper, keeps the hip joint in the optimal 135 degree angle and makes it easy to move around on the chair.

The two-part seat does not press the genital area, which is beneficial to genital health. On a two-part chair, men can also tilt the pelvis forward to create the curve in the lower back that enables good posture.

Why is there no backrest in the Salli Saddle Chair? Will the back get tired?

In riding-like sitting the posture of the back is automatically correct and therefore there is no need for a backrest. The pelvis is in the correct position, which makes keeping the back upright as easy as if we were standing or walking; we do not need any backrest when we are standing either. In a chair with a backrest the thighs and upper body form a steep 90-degree angle, which makes the pelvis tilt backwards. Then the back becomes rounded, the position makes the back tired, and that makes us lean on the table and round the back even more.

Why is it difficult to sit on a Salli Saddle Chair in the beginning?

The sitting position differs a lot from that of a traditional chair. Instead of being passive the muscles and organs work actively. One may have sore muscles and tissues after starting a new sports; the same happens when one starts sitting in the new way. The sitting bones carry the weight of the upper body, and that may make the buttocks feel sore. Some people get used to the new sitting position in days; for others it may take months.

Why does the chair feel hard?

If the chair feels hard around the sitting bones it may be too high for you. Then the whole weight of the upper body is on the sitting bones. It is best to sit with feet firmly on the ground because then the feet carry part of the weight. Be aware of not adjusting the chair too low, as then you may tilt your pelvis backwards and that rounds the back into a bad position. The chair may also feel hard if you sit too far front. Your buttocks should be right at the edge of the chair. Then you can tilt the pelvis forward, which improves your position. If you work in front of a table for long periods of time the table should have a socket. That enables you to keep the arms close to the body, and part of the weight of the upper body to rest on elbows.

Why is there a gap in the middle of the Salli Saddle Chairs?

This allows men to sit on Salli saddle chairs safely. The patented gap also enables men to tilt the pelvis into the natural standing posture without feeling pressure in the genital area. In addition to the chair being more comfortable to sit on, it improves the genital health of both genders through improved circulation and nerve functions. The gap also makes the chair cool and well ventilated.

I have been using my Salli for a month and my buttocks feel sore; what can I do?

Time makes even good positions poisonous, so the magic word is change: change your position, make use of the swinging seat of Salli Sway and work standing for a while. Test height and inclination  to find the best ones for you. We cannot stand for hours on end in exactly the same position, and the same goes for sitting. What the body needs is movement.

My new Salli chair just arrived. What tools do I need to assemble it?

Congratulations on your great choice! You do not need tools to assemble the chair. The chair has only three parts and is very easy to assemble. You received an instruction manual with your chair; please read it carefully. If you got your chair in winter let the gas cylinder warm to room temperature before assembling the chair.