Sitting Health

Ok, we’re going to go all Dr Phil on you now and bombard you with facts about what benefits you’ll get from using the Salli chair…

It improves leg circulation and reduces foot swelling

Without all the hard angles and pressure of your upper body forcing down on your your thighs, your veins and arteries can freely carry blood around your body, helping with circulation and swelling. 

It strengthens your core

Sitting saddle-style helps you to stimulate your back, abdominal and bottom muscles, strengthening your core and relieving pressure from your back.

It improves back posture (goodbye, hunchback)

The chair forces the upper legs back and the pelvis forward, while curving the lower back into an anatomically correct position. In turn, this straightens the upper back, improving your posture and reducing tension in the upper back, shoulder and neck muscles.

It helps with joint issues

Sitting with bad posture for long periods of time puts your joints at risk. The angles of your sitting position causes your metabolism to be diminished, meaning joints are more likely to suffer from erosion and weaken in other ways.

It reduces tension in your back, neck and shoulders

Headaches, tightness and pain are all too common, caused by sitting incorrectly and putting pressure on areas of your body that weren’t designed to take it – especially your upper back and neck. It’s almost impossible to have bad posture in a Salli chair.

It helps your hips and knees

Did you know having your hips and knees at a 90-degree angle means all your upper body weight is adding pressure to the cartilage surface of your hip? A straighter, more natural stance at an angle of at least 135 degrees is far better for your hips and knees.

It improves genital health

In a normal sitting position, we sit on top of our genitals, affecting the blood circulation and nerves of our genitals. Having the full weight of your upper body pushing down on your genitals can stop blood flow in your thighs, bottom, pelvic floor and genitals. The unique saddle chair not only stops compression, it also allows increased circulation and ventilation.  

It decreases the chances of osteoarthritis and cervical vertebrae

The slouching position many of us take causes uneven and amplified pressure on the discs in your back. This causes tension in the tissues, which seriously weakens blood circulation. Put simply, bad posture causes the lower back to weaken and increases the chances of osteoarthritis and cervical vertebrae. 

We could go on and on, but let’s just say that Salli can help you with a number of sitting-related issues, including back pain, fatigue, poor posture, low productivity, loss of energy, sensations of heaviness and numbness, mental fatigue and headaches. 

Think of what it could do for your team: less sick days, higher productivity, happier and healthier employees!